About us

Hello and welcome to the website of our Alpine House nursery!

The nursery is registered in the WCF System , and specialises in the breeding of Maine Coon cats.

We are located right near Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. We are ready to deliver our kittens to every city of every country, at the expense of our customers.

We set our goal on the raising of healthy kittens, with strongly presented traces of the breed.

We pay great attention to the right nutrition and education of our kittens.
All our pets get regular veterinary control, vaccinations and check-ups.

The kittens leave our nursery not before the age of 10 weeks. At this stage they can eat on their own, are fully vaccinated, and trained to use the cats’ toilet and the cat tree.

Our pets live in our family circle, are surrounded by children, and are actively involved in all activities and games.